About us

The Little Wine Shop has a modest ambition: to be a proper neighbourhood wine shop, selling good wine to the good people of Stoke Newington.

By good wine, we mean wine that tastes good – wine that has character, and distinctiveness, that enhances the food it’s drunk with and that generally adds to the sum of human pleasure; wine that is produced by good people – small producers working in harmony with nature and with respect for the environment; and by no means least, wine that represents good value, whatever your budget – whether you’re after something simple to go with midweek dinner, or splashing out for a special occasion.

By neighbourhood wine shop, we mean a shop that sells wine for everyone. We’re not seeking to carve out a fashionable niche, or cater to a single sector of the market; we want a range of wines with something to please all our neighbours, because we want them all to become our customers – and our friends. That said, the range of wines will be shaped by one particular set of tastes – our own: in that way, not only will we be able to make recommendations based on first-hand knowledge and enthusiasm, but the range will develop a character and consistency that customers will come to know, trust and rely on as they become regulars.

a handful of red grapes, © Maja Petric